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About Jean

Jean Bromage began her Reiki journey with the late Margaret Ann Case in 2003 from whom she received her Reiki Master and Spiritual Counseling Certification. For Jean, Reiki not only brings a sense of balanced wellbeing into her daily life, but it also enhances her creative expression in dance, writing and crafting candles. As both healer and artist she has over a decade of experience helping people connect with the flow of creative inspiration that reawakens when one takes the inner journey to cultivating personal happiness and wellbeing. Jean brings a fluid, graceful, and compassionate nature to both her practice and teaching. Her continued study in the spiritual practice of Buddho meditation with Reiki Master Teacher Patricia Warren has also brought a unique depth and insight to her work. Jean received her training in crystal healing from Mika Nelson of the Academy for Healing Arts, and is also an ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved.

Jean is the founder and owner of Reiki Essence Candles, a line of candles infused with the healing light of Reiki.

Jean wishes you an abundance of joy throughout your life’s journey!


A sincere, deeply compassionate healer and teacher. A receptive, present listener. A playful spirit with a true awareness of the sacredness in our world. As a student, client, and attendee of her monthly Reiki circles, I can tell you: Jean is a bright light in the swirling urban chaos that is New York City!

She is brilliantly insightful about her own journey to healing, and open-minded and fully supportive of the journeys of others.

Her classes brim with information, hands-on exercises, and a real sense of joy. As a practitioner, she embodies her teachings and holds a wonderful healing space for clients. Her Reiki-infused candles are also a special treat.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jean to you, wherever you find yourself on your path to healing and self-discovery.

 ~ Victoria Deterding

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