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Reiki Level I ~ Shoden
Step into the Flow

This two-day course offers you the tools to experience more balance in mind, body and spirit, and to feel grounded and focused in your everyday activities. In learning the breathing exercises and meditations as well as the hands-on healing protocols, you develop a renewed presence in your life and within your relationships, empowering you to experience greater states of joy, inspired creativity and intuitive awareness. 

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Reiki Level II ~ Okuden
Deepen the Experience from Within
The tools taught in this two-day course will guide you in reaching deeper states of consciousness and awareness of the energy. As the three symbols and mantras become a part of your self-care and daily routine, life itself becomes a meditation in motion. The Japanese mantra practice for meditation taught in Reiki II also helps you to raise your energetic vibration and over time keep your energy field clear of stagnation. Emotions that have been suppressed in your body are released with ease, your mind is given a chance to experience stillness and, in turn, your natural intuitive sensitivities are activated. You also learn how to transmit Reiki at a distance through time and space to offer healing to those you can’t meet in person, as well as to send energetic healing and support to your own personal goals and challenges.
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Reiki Level III ~ Shinpiden
Explore the Great Mystery

Shinpiden means “mystery teachings” and is often times referred to in the West as the Reiki master level. Becoming a Reiki master means you have chosen to dedicate yourself to a path of self-mastery through your personal healing and spiritual growth and, if so desired, to help lead others on their path to healing and happiness. Are you ready to deepen your Reiki practice and enrich your life through self-mastery? This intensive Shinpiden program includes advanced healing techniques for the mind, body and spirit as well as curriculum for supporting your own personal Reiki journey.

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Discover Your Inner Radiance:
Reiki Classes & Healing Sessions

Learning the practice of Reiki alongside receiving Reiki treatments can have a profound impact on your healing and transformation process.  Being able to practice Reiki as a form of daily self-care will deepen your receptivity to the flow of energy
and in turn carry you further as you shift limiting patterns and awaken to your state of joy and wellbeing.

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