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About Reiki

What is Reiki?

The system of Reiki is both a spiritual practice and healing art. The word Rei means Spiritual or Transcendent and the word Ki means Energy or Life Force. The system of Reiki works with this spiritual energy to promote one’s wellbeing as well as cultivate a state of happiness.

Reiki as a Healing Practice:

Relaxes the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety

Stimulates the immune system

Reduces pain from certain conditions such as migraines and arthritis

Aids the healing of unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and overeating

Alleviates the side effects of medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy

Helps strengthen mental focus and restore emotional balance and is a great complement to psychotherapy

Reiki as a Spiritual Practice

The practice of Reiki is not only a technique to help one relax and experience greater wellbeing, but it cultivates a deep sense of grace, compassion and gratitude that ultimately centers one in a state of joy no matter life's circumstances. In developing a relationship to the essence of one's higher self, deeper levels of consciousness are attained enabling one to release limiting thought patterns and thrive in all areas of life.

The system of Reiki consists of the spiritual centering methods, meditations on the precepts, mantras and symbols, as well as the hands-on healing protocols in order to assist one in experiencing both happiness and wellbeing on a daily basis.  Being able to pass this tradition along to others has become the ultimate joy for me as I watch my students and clients experience the blessings that Reiki brings into their lives.  If there is something you would like to change in your life in order to cultivate a consistent state of happiness, Reiki can help you tune in to your inner wisdom and discover the answers.

Each person is unique and therefore the possibilities of how Reiki can support one’s healing process and spiritual growth are numerous.

History of Reiki

The history of Reiki was originally shared as an oral tradition in the West, and only in recent decades has more information about the practice of Reiki in Japan become available. Mikao Usui (born in 1865) developed the system of Reiki through his studies in Shingon and Tendai Buddhism as well as martial arts. It has been said that Usui experienced satori (an awakening) during a retreat on Mt. Kurama, outside of Kyoto, Japan. As a result, he wanted to make these spiritual practices accessible to the general public for all who desired to follow a path to happiness and wellbeing. Chujiro Hayashi, a naval officer, was one of Usui’s last students. Hayashi went on to form a clinic where Hawayo Takata, a woman from Hawaii who was in need of surgery, was introduced to Reiki. When Mrs. Takata was healed without the surgery, she insisted on studying at Hayashi’s clinic. After much persistence, Chujiro Hayashi agreed to train her up to the Shinpiden level and allow her to teach Reiki in the West. Mrs. Takata trained 22 Reiki masters between 1970 and 1980. These 22 masters have passed along the Reiki tradition to many others, helping it to become known worldwide. Today, leaders in the Reiki community from both the western and eastern traditions are discovering and bringing forth more information about Reiki’s history and the heritage of the system’s different lineages.