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Take the Reiki Journey

Get Grounded

Reiki helps your mind become still and focus on the present moment.
This shift alleviates stress and worry, while helping you become
more effective in your daily life.

Empower Your Healing Process

Reiki helps you connect with the inner space where your whole and
healed self resides. As we work together, this part of you awakens to
alleviate any health challenges you may be experiencing.

Awaken Your Intuitive Strengths

Reiki awakens your natural intuitive abilities as you become tuned in
to the flow of energy within you. In turn, you make important decisions
with greater clarity and navigate your way to a more fulfilling life.

Express Your Inner Wisdom

Reiki teaches you to recognize and own your truth about how you view
yourself and the world. Step back and develop a bigger picture of life
through the lens of compassion, one that guides you to express your
inner wisdom in powerful and meaningful ways.

Integrate Your Unique Story

We each have a distinct story that brings us to our healing journey.  As you integrate your story into the unique tapestry of your life, you will uncover
your personal mental and emotional patterns that need shifting,
recover the gifts held sacred within your shadow self, and
step into the light of your most authentic nature.

Ignite Your Creative Fire

As the spark of inspiration grows into a steady flame, creative inspiration
will flow with more regularity. As humans we are meant to be creative
and co-create with spirit. You will not only begin to recognize your
creative process and potential but also experience a renewed
sense of joy and empowerment in your life.

Inspire Joy and Compassion

One of the ultimate effects of Reiki is that the joy you experience through its practice naturally flows into the lives of those around you. As you heal and transform your own life, you are helping others do the same.

Reiki can support your healing process and personal growth in a myriad of ways.  The programs and classes here are designed to meet
your unique needs and personal goals.

Each person’s life is like a
Mandala – a vast, limitless circle.

We stand in the center of our
own circle, and everything we

see, hear and think forms the
Mandala of our life.

~ Pema Chödrön

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