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3 Steps to Awaken Your Inner Healer &
Activate Your Sacred Gifts

What if . . .

you had the energy and focus needed
to meet your daily tasks and more?

What if . . . 

you could meet each day with a
sense of freedom and joy?

What if . . .

your everyday life were to feel just a
little more magical and fun?

This is possible because . . .

You Are Magic!

Everything you need is already within you!

When you aren't connected to your inner
resources, life becomes exhausting.

Your focus is scattered and energy drained by
the situations and circumstances around you.

Having simple daily tools to connect with
your inner resources will create lasting change!

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3 Step Guide with
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3 Step Guide with
Meditation Download!

Reiki Master Teacher Jean Bromage 
has been helping others since 2003 to heal
their physical and emotional challenges while awakening to their most authentic inner wisdom, creative expression and intuitive sensitivities. Through both her healing work and classes,
Jean inspires others to explore the space within that is unshakably whole, healed and complete
in order to thrive and meet each day with a renewed sense of love, joy and compassion
for themselves and others.

Beyond her general practice, Jean works with cancer patients to create a sacred space for healing and cultivating a life-affirming mindset.
As a certified Medical Reik Master with 
Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International LLC,
she is qualified to be present during surgery to offer Reiki to the patient.

Jean is the founder and owner of 
Reiki Essence Candles, a line of candles infused with the healing light of Reiki. Each time you light a Reiki Essence candle, its luminescence reflects the great Reiki light that resides within 
each of us.