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Reiki Essence Candles
Discover Your Inner Glow!

Ignite Your Inner Sparkle!

Igniting a luminous spark that reflects your inner magnificence, each Reiki Essence Candle is infused with the universal love energy also
known as Reiki.  Each candle will guide your whole being deep
within the heart of your authentic self where the essence of your
most loving, joyful, creative and passionate nature resides.

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The Dancing Light Collection offers handmade pillar candles that make the perfect gift for others and yourself.  Fragrances range from herbal to spring floral to the warm harvest and holiday scents.

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Cranberry Citrus          
Pictured left to right (Cranberry Citrus, Sea Glass & Bayberry)

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Winter Holiday

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Receive a Nourishing Experience!

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The Chakra Healing Candles come in hand-painted jars and each one includes a guidebook of information, a meditation download and a ritual outline.  The candle itself is a blend of all natural soy wax, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils so as it melts the wax can be massaged into your skin creating an indulgent experience.

Can't decide which one to choose?  The Chakra Votive Set comes with one of each in a 20-hour votive size along with a glass holder, guide book and guided meditation.

Free gift wrap and card included.


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