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Reiki Healing Sessions

Are you coping with a transition or an ongoing challenge in your life?
Are you feeling uninspired by your general day-to-day life?

Reiki can help you heal the challenges in any area of your 
life and experience overall wellbeing and happiness.

Jean's Reiki Treatments

During a Reiki treatment with Jean, you relax while lying on a treatment table or sitting in a chair.  Each session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. As Jean places her hands on or above your body, you may experience sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling and/or vibration.

Channeling Reiki freely through her hands, Jean uses a natural form of healing to restore your balanced state of wellbeing. 

Often times deeply held emotions can rise up as the energetic and physical layers of your being come into balance.  The deeper you relax your mind and body, the easier your energy field can guide the flow of Reiki to where it is needed most to release stagnant energy and emotions in order to achieve a greater sense of wholeness. 

Jean holds a compassionate and sacred space for you to feel safe in the healing process and come away feeling fully nourished.

In addition to general Reiki sessions, Jean may incorporate other tools when working with you over a period of time:

Crystal Healing
Magnify Your Own Innate Healing Process
Crystals are an excellent complement to Reiki as they expand your awareness of the healing process. They bring to light what needs to be released as well as activate the energies that will best serve your healing process.  By placing crystals on and around your body during a Reiki treatment, the expression of the healing process takes on a whole new depth.

Inner Child Reiki
Connect with the Wisdom, Healing and Magic!
When one's Inner Child is invited into a Reiki healing session, he or she discovers a safe and sacred space that allows for deep emotional healing as well as the recovery of one's gifts kept hidden within the shadow self. The Inner Child is a gatekeeper to the wisdom of the Divine as it is the part of the self that bears witness to both our wounding and our spiritual magnificence. 

Candle Rituals for Healing and Manifestation
Ignite Your Inner Spark
When working with clients over a series of sessions, Jean incorporates a special candle ritual for you to continue the healing work at home.  The Reiki Essence Chakra Healing Candles are infused with all natural ingredients and essentials oil blends to support your intentions for healing and manifestation.  Each candle comes with a guided meditation download as well as a suggested ritual.

Reiki for Cancer Patients and Caregivers
In-Home Healing and Education
Jean offers special in-home programs for cancer patients and their loved ones.  Through a combination of healing sessions and private Reiki training for self-care, the whole family unit receives physical, emotional and energetic support during what can be one of the most challenging times in a person's life. 
Find Out More Here

Medical Reiki
Receive Reiki While Undergoing Surgery
Jean is a certified Medical Reiki Master through Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International LLC.  This qualifies her to join you in the hospital before, during and after surgery. Find Out More Here


New Client Special:
1.5 Hour Session for $150

In this initial healing session we will discuss your needs and
intentions, begin your reiki healing, and outline a
treatment plan for you going forward.

Contact Jean at 212-496-5287 or

Jean creates a truly unique healing session with her handmade oil blends, Reiki infused candles and  intuitive hands. I always leave Jean's sessions feeling like my energy has shifted to a higher renewed vibration with a new easy perspective on the issues at hand.
Thank you Jean!!

 ~ Michelle Pereira, LMT

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