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Reiki III ~ Shinpiden
Step onto a Path of Healing, Wisdom and Self-Mastery

200-Hour Certificate Program
Pre-Requisite Reiki Level 2

Shinpiden means "mystery teachings" and is often times referred to in the west as the Reiki master level.  Being a Reiki master does not mean one has become a spiritual master.  It simply means they have chosen to dedicate themselves more fully to their Reiki practice for self healing and personal growth, and if so desired, to help lead others on their path to healing and happiness.

If you are ready to deepen your Reiki practice and enrich your life through self-mastery, this course may be the next step to consider. This intensive Shinpiden certification program includes advanced healing techniques for the mind, body and spirit as well as curriculum for supporting the student’s process for self-healing and spiritual development.

This Program Includes:

5 Weekends of Advanced Courses:

Japanese Healing Techniques:
Advanced Protocols for Reiki Healing

Mind Body Symbolism & the Chakras:
Healing Mental, Emotional and Energetic Patterns

The Language of Soul:
Tuning into the Wisdom of the Higher Self

The Dance of Co-Creation:
Crafting a Life Vision with a Higher Purpose

Journeying between Worlds:
Shamanic Healing and Sacred Practices

Four one-day meetups for communication skill building with clients, discussion on professional ethics, and peer exchange practice.

Open Clinic

One Personal Mentoring Session

Graduation Day ~ the Shinpiden attunement is given, the fourth symbol and mantra are taught along with how to
give a reiju and attunement, and a celebration takes place.

Additional Requirements:

  • Session Documentation
  • Attendance and Facilitation of 5 Reiki Circles
  • Receipt of 5 Reiki Sessions from a Reiki Master
  • Observation of both a Reiki I and II Class
  • List of Reading Materials
  • Writing Assignments

Next Reiki III 
Shinpiden Course

Starts September 2017

For more information and to apply to the program, contact

Jean Bromage at
212-496-5298 or email

I first met Jean through the Reiki Circle that she hosts every month. I had been receiving signs from the Universe to begin learning Reiki and Jean came to me as an answer to all the questions. That Fall, I took the Reiki I class with Jean, followed by the Reiki II the following Spring. A year later I traveled back from India to do my Reiki Masters with Jean. Jean is an amazing teacher, wonderful Spirit and guide. She allows for creative freedom, expansion and growth giving space and compassion to everyone. Jean's classes are well paced, thoroughly researched with a lot of supportive texts and handouts. Jean is very knowledgeable and encompasses a broad range of information. Her Reiki Circles are one of the most beautiful experiences I have had to collectively experience such beautiful energy. Having a Reiki session with Jean is an experience beyond words. Jean's healing hands allow one to experience the Divine and unconditional love and light flows through. Everything she does flows from her heart, is honest and genuine. I highly recommend connecting with Jean as she works to help people find their passion and purpose.

~ Radhika Chugh