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Reiki II ~ Okuden
Deepen the Experience from Within

My most powerful, transformative 
and insightful reiki sessions and experiences have occurred when working with Jean.  

I feel blessed to have her as a my teacher and guide.   

Jean is truly an exceptional reiki master.

~Kelly Devi, RPYT, CCCE,

Next Reiki II Class

July 18th & 19th, 2020

at Balance Arts Center
151 West 30th Street

For more information contact
Jean at 212-496-5287
or email

Receive a Bonus
60-Minute Follow-Up
Reiki Session with Jean 
($150 value)


Deepen your intuitive awareness and
ealize your higher wisdom that resides within.

Strengthen your connection with the flow of energy
and how it transcends time and space.

Reiki II - Okuden guides you in reaching deeper states of consciousness and awareness of the energy. As the three symbols and mantras become a part of your self-care and daily routine, life itself becomes a meditation in motion. The Japanese mantra practice for meditation taught in Reiki II also helps you to raise your energetic vibration and over time keep your energy field clear of stagnation. Emotions that have been suppressed in your body are released with ease, your mind is given a chance to experience stillness and, in turn, your natural intuitive sensitivities are activated.

You also learn how to transmit Reiki at a distance through time and space to offer healing to those you can’t meet in person, as well as to send energetic healing and support to your own personal goals and challenges.  You receive 3 attunements during Reiki II which assist you in embodying the different qualities of energy and staying centered as you heal and awaken to your higher states of consciousness.

Day 1

First three Reiki symbols and mantras along with their meanings and uses from both the western and Japanese approaches are covered.  The Japanese mantra practice for meditation is also taught.  You leave Day 1 empowered to use the symbols and mantras in both your personal practice as well as in your daily life to deepen your experience of the flow of energy and increase your intuitive awareness. This includes:

  • Learning and practicing each Reiki mantra
  • Discussing unique energetic qualities each mantra carries
  • Different ways to draw the symbols and activate their energy
  • Receiving an attunement with each symbol and mantra
  • Practicing the Japanese mantra meditation as a group

Day 2

The Reiki symbols can be used to transmit the energy across time and space.  You will learn how to use this method to send healing to another, as well as to your own goals and challenges.  You will also learn a scanning technique for healing sessions as well as how to clear the energy in a space.  This includes:

  • Practicing distance healing on a fellow student
  • Setting up a distance healing box 
  • Clearing the energy in a room or space
  • Scanning technique to sense energetic subtleties
  • Table practice with a fellow student